Not satisfied with the challenges in my graphic design career, I decided to follow my dream of becoming a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Driven by my lifelong enjoyment of fitness, I returned to college to get my Fitness Technology degree and nutrition minor. I built a solid business plan and started working with people to meet their fitness goals. The rewards I receive, seeing the improvements in my clients makes me very happy. Along the way, I have seen hundreds of people change their lives – losing weight, getting new-found energy, and becoming stronger than they have ever been.

In 2016, I started training for body building competition in the Figure division. I found early success at the amateur level. But, I was disappointed to find competitors taking performance enhancing drugs, so I moved to an all-natural federation and qualified as a professional, by winning first place in a regional competition. After placing 3rd place at Nationals, I trained hard and 2 months later, found myself World Champion! After intense training, I defended my World Championship in 2017 by winning again! The same focus and drive that I used to inspire me to become a champion, in only 7 months, is what I use to help others achieve their goals. I guarantee that aura of confidence and my enthusiasm is infectious!

In my spare time, I enjoy watching my 15 year old son compete at the national level in track and football, and spending quality time with family. I am growing my business in media, modeling, and becoming a spokeswoman for products that I endorse.


BS Graphic Design, minor in Advertising Management and Architecture from Portland State University in 2004. Fitness Technology Certificate from Portland Community College in 2012 with a 4.0 GPA.

Training Style

Sculpt yoga specialist (cardio and weights hybrid along with yoga positions). I focus on intense cardio, flexibility, posture, muscle endurance, and strength training as well. I like to push people to accomplish their fitness goals, but make sure everyone stays away from injuries.

Why I became a fitness instructor

I have been working out since I was 12 years old. My whole family is athletic and we all enjoy sports and training. After years in the business world, I thought it was time to have a career doing what I love. It is great to start the day excited about working. When my Son got injured in football due to lack of training and flexibility, it inspired me to help people of all ages avoid injury through fitness.

Personal Fitness Accomplishments

17 years of cardio and strength training experience; 2 years of sculpt yoga experience; 2 years of dance training; 6 months of spinning training. Fitness and sportswear model for 2 years.

Loves and Hobbies

Besides fitness training, I love to create art through drawing and photography. I still enjoy modeling and getting in extra good shape for a shoot. I also love watching my son excel in sports – baseball, track, basketball, and football.

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