I started training with Andrea in May 2014, I was overweight and out of shape. Due to health issues, I had lost all muscle tone and strength. Andrea could assess where I was physically and create a training regime that allowed me to slowly progress. I have lost 20 pounds am much stronger and am in great health.

Andrea trains you correctly; she watches how you stand, bend, squat and makes sure you are using the correct form. She is positive and provides the right balance of encouragement and accountability to help you to achieve your goals. I couldn’t be happier with my success and owe it to Andrea.

Carole Y.

I have worked with Andrea Green as my personal trainer for over 18 months, since April of 2013, and she is an excellent personal trainer and motivator!!!  My workplace has a small fitness facility and the opportunity for improved wellness is encouraged by my employer—how fortunate we are to have Andrea as one of our instructors!  Andrea teaches group strength training classes and offers individual and small group personal training, not just at our facility, but at several facilities in the Portland area.  Andrea’s greatness as a trainer is largely due to her keen sense of each individual client’s strengths and weaknesses, and her ability to demonstrate and adjust each set of exercises to fit every fitness level.  She often “changes up” the exercises she presents to us, in order to work out all areas of the body, and, we have no chance of getting bored with routines.  She is a bundle of energy, humorous, joyful, beautiful, and, she is dedicated to each and every student and client.

Did I mention I’m 54 years old with an arthritic hip and I’ve had knee pain for almost 20 years?  Andrea taught me corrective therapy floor exercises which she reminds me to do often, and my hip and knee are much stronger, have improved range of motion, AND my pain is greatly reduced since I began working with Andrea.  I am so pleased to have Andrea in my life to keep me moving, motivated, strong and nearly pain-free!  It is an honor to write this testimonial on her behalf.

Thank you for your dedication and concern, dear Andrea!

Tove L.

At 58, I started training with Andrea after 10+ years of no exercise. I wasn’t sure I could do it, and certainly hadn’t stuck with any exercise regime during that 10 year period. I couldn’t be more pleased with myself (and Andrea) over the past year. Because of Andrea, I’ve stuck with a workout routine (it’s my one–year anniversary!), become stronger, healthier, and feel like I’m back to where I was in my early 40’s. She has me invested and enthusiastic. She applies her education and experience so that I’m getting the best workout possible, but also keeps a sharp watch to ensure I have no injuries and don’t work beyond my capabilities. My plan is to keep Andrea as my trainer for the rest of my life (she’s younger – when she’s 70, I expect to have her still pushing me!).

Lisa G.

I have worked with Andrea Green as my personal trainer for over two years. I am an older person and was not fit when we began. I have had some age related issues and Andrea has always been very good with making sure I do not hurt myself while training, but she has just the right amount of pushing and coaching without making you feel fat or foolish. She also lives her own example, by establishing and gaining her own personal fitness goals. My fitness and success are the result of this training and I would not have made it without her help.

Gayle W.